♦ We put all of our good intentions in action in 2012.

♦ We wanted to prepare the setup before inviting you.

♦ During these years we saw what we can do, what we want to do, and what we should pay attention to.

♦ With help from all of you, we improved our lives and living environment here and prepared ourselves.

We never go involved in an advertising or marketing activity until 2018.

Our home has been known to people with the word of mouth and the recommendations of those who visited.

By this mean we shared happy moments with beautiful friends. Thanks to all of you!

♦ During this time (2012-18) we have organized more than 30 trips and hosted on average a new person every 3 days.

Each person embraced Vamoss; we held this space together and brought it to this point.

♦ Each person who joined put his/her heart into this place.  We knew that this house brought us together with clean intentions.

♦ And now we believe that it is time to move to a bigger land and that we can move on with the same clean intentions..

♦ You can see in the following slides how we held this space and what our stand looks like