♦ Vamoss will not undertake any mission other than being a safe and loving meeting point and holding space for producing and sharing.

♦ In this space that we hold together with these intentions Vamoss gives support to any being on their path of healing.

♦ Other than this support Vamoss wouldn’t want to be attributed by any other action.

♦ In order to keep this stand, Vamoss demands utmost respect to all the intermediators. The food we eat, the water we drink, the plants and animals that we connect with, the mountains and people of this beautiful land, The Sacred Valley, the medicines, fire, water, air, earth, all the spirits and connections are met with respect and gratitude on this path.

♦ There is a pdf file that we send to every guest who will be coming to our home. Vamoss intends to inspire everyone to take the responsibility of the present moment (not to put rules or regulations)

♦ We don’t believe any thing or activity to be right or wrong, good or bad.

♦ We believe that our intentions and feelings are more important tan the visible actions.

♦ We intend for Vamoss to be serving the universal love at all times.