Vamoss Home,

♦ is home to those who may choose to connect with the sacred rituals that may alter the way you experience life; not in an abusive way to get some kicks, but..

to live in harmony with our minds and our hearts,

and to be able to feed our vibration, our connections and out relations with love.

♦ is a place that shows the greatest respects to all the traditions and plants that take place on this land.

♦ is a place for people who have realized that there are more important things in life than just having fun.

♦ wishes to remind the joy of healing, peace, resting and feeding the soul.

♦ is a place for those who care for themselves and those around them.

♦ is a place that is protected and taken care of by those who are holding the space.

♦ is a place for people who enjoy being taken care of while taking care of others.

♦ we don’t want to consume and just have fun, we want to learn and implement.