Vamoss Experience considers every encountered person as a traveler in pursuit of their own path.

In this sense, we see anyone who we live together with is as n a process. And here we offer you whatever we can for bringing as much beauty and healing into your experience as possible.

In our house we are constantly working in a communal and private way.

Vamoss Home is a meeting place and at the same time a place of working and sharing. To maintain the balance and harmony we respect the following principles.

  • Vamoss Home is not a hostel, it is a communal living area. We try to not allow the parts of the system we escape to enter. The purpose of this house is working and healing.
  • We do all our work with love and finish with care what we start. The job ends by putting back everything in its place the way they were. We do not rush through any work and do not miss the fun of actually doing it. If we see a task, it is ours.
  • We leave everything the way we found it or better. (garden, toilet, sink, kitchen counter, dishes, atelier and the common areas)
  • We do not keep personal belongings in the common area, and do not keep the common things in our rooms.
  • We do not consume illegal substances in the common areas.
  • Everyone has their personal space and own diet, which should be respected.

Kitchen, Cooking and Eating

  • We start by checking the leftovers and what might spoil soon, for how many people we cook (always add an extra portion) and ask if anyone has dietary requirements.
  • We ask for help if needed.
  • We like to eat as healthy as possible and have a herbal tea afterwards.
  • We have fruit juice at least once a day.
  • After we cook, we leave the counter and sink clean, and put things we used back to its place. Please wash the mixer right after using it.
  • We don’t smoke in the kitchen.
  • After meals, we clean all or at least our own dishes, put back the dried ones and clean the stove, counter and sink.
  • The rest of the food, we either give Nefs (needs consulting) or put it in a tupperware and in the refrigerator.
  • We write ‘Privado’ on personal food. We do not touch them without permission even it is for the common meal.

Kitchen Material

  • Using detergent will ruin the following items: Italian coffee maker, Argentinian mate, Turkish ‘small shallow pan with two handles’. We wash them just with water.
  • We do not use metal sponge or metal fork, knife or spoon on Teflon pans and pots, they can get damaged. We use only wood spoons with such pans and pots.
  • We buy sugar, quinua, salt, flour, pasta and rice in bulk. If there is little or none left, we write it on the notepad on the refrigerator.
  • The tap water is safe to drink, it is purified and comes directly from Pitusiray.
  • There is two gas tanks in the house. If one is empty, please let us know.

Food Time

  • We eat breakfast around 9am, lunch around 2pm and dinner around 7pm, please start in advance.
  • We ask for help if the food looks to be late or something is needed from outside.
  • All the kitchen work is communal. Some people will be responsible of the meal but we are all responsible on helping.
  • We should let the rest of the house know if the food will be served in a different time.
  • Hot drinks are all included in the house budget and can be consumed anytime.

Tobacco & Alcohol

  • Alcoholic bottles stay in the kitchen and beer in the refrigerator, please ask before taking if it’s not yours.
  • All the alcoholic drinks of the house are in the category of ‘Privado’. If it belongs to the house, please put a contribution into the box in the kitchen and note what you took (glass of wine and half a liter of beer are 5 soles each).
  • Please don’t smoke packaged cigarettes in the house since they leave a strong smell. Pure rolling tobacco is fine.

The One who first Wakes-up             

  • We turn off the lights if there are.
  • We boil hot water in a big pot and fill the big thermos.
  • We open the doors of the house and fill Nefs’s cups.

The One who Sleeps the last                

  • We turn off all the lights, the computer and the sound system, leave one led light on.
  • We check if the doors are closed and the keys are inside we let Nefs out.
  • We leave the tables empty and make sure the fire is safe.
  • We say goodnight to Nefs and give water to her.
  • If the house will stay empty after we go out, we leave one led light on and the music playing in Repeat Mode.


  • We have 24 hour hot water in our house, apart from the kitchen.
  • Water is heated with gas instead of electricity, and therefore very hot.
  • We don’t throw toilet paper or any other materials into the toilet, it clogs easily.
  • When the pump is off, there is water only in the first floor.
  • The pump needs to be on for hot water and laundry.
  • Hot water is on the left side, it takes about 4-5 minutes until the water is heated up.
  • If you need towels, please ask.


  • We listen from the sound system connected generally to the desktop computer.
  • We can change the music or put our own music as long as we think it is appropriate.
  • We can make noise or music between 8 am – 10 pm.
  • We do not turn on the volume too loud and do not listen to the same kind of music for a long time.
  • To keep the quality of the sound good, we do not turn on the volume of the speakers or the source for more than 80%.


  • Works 24 hours, a bit faster at nights.
  • Its total speed is 1,5mbps and can be reached from two different modems. The password for both is the same: “justbreathe”
  • ‘Vamoss Home’ works better from rooms, and ‘Vamoss Home ll’ better from the living room and the garden.
  • We do not stream continuously during the day, including music.
  • We download and upload after midnight.
  • We use internet in the commune spaces for short times only. We do not spend hours with smart phones in our hands or laptops on our laps in the commune spaces, unless we are working on them.
  • We do not leave such electronics in the commune spaces, we keep them in our rooms.

Responsibilities of Vamoss and the Guests

  • Each room has shelves, a desk, a chair and a desk lamp.
  • Toilet paper, soap, wood, candles, Palo Santo, incents and detergent for the washing machine are all included into the common budget of Vamoss Home.
  • Hot drinks are also included and can be consumed at any time.
  • Everyone who is sharing kitchen utilities with Vamoss, can use anything in the kitchen at any time, apart from the ‘Privado’ stuff.
  • Water that comes from Pitusiray, Wi/Fi, hair dryer, washing machine, vacuum cleaner, atelier on the back of the house, veggies we grow in the garden, and yogurt and bread we make for the house, are all ok to use by all of us who share the house.
  • If you would like Palo Santo, incense sticks or Candles you can ask us.


  • Our garden is very important for us. We do not walk on the planted areas.
  • In the dry season (April – October), we water the plants twice a day when the sun is not on them.
  • Gardening tools like clippers, axe and scissors are stored at the tool shop to prevent them from rusting.
  • Please ask what and how the different veggies and herbs are harvested to keep them happy and healthy.
  • Nefs loves to bring everything she finds into our garden. We keep it clean by throwing them away or, if it is wood, into the fire pit.

Grocery Shopping

If anything on the list of what we have in the house is empty, you can buy it and let us know about it. You can ask us on where and for how much to buy things.


  • The rent is collected on Saturday of every week.
  • If you use the camping equipment of Vamoss, everyone is expected to make the following contribution per 1 or 2 night camping:
4 Season Tent Sleeping


Head light Cooking set Gas &

Camp cooker

15/person 15 3 15 5/person 3
  • Camping equipment are checked before and after use, and any damage will be paid by the person who caused it.
  • If you use bicycles, we ask you to contribute 10 soles for half a day, and 15 for the whole day, to keep them in a good condition.


  • We take the garbage out of our rooms before garbage day (Friday) or before leaving.
  • Garbage bags are in the kitchen under the counter. We do not throw away things which can be re-used.
  • The garbage truck comes on Fridays around 1pm to the corner below our house. We hear it coming buy the loud Andean music which accompanies the truck.
  • If the garbage of the house is not outside by the time the truck arrives, we quickly gather all the garbage in to the big blue garbage bin and take it to the corner were its collected.
  • We put all the garbage in bags and replace them with new ones.
  • Organic waste goes to the bucket in the kitchen to feed the ducks.
  • We leave coffee, tea and mate leaves to the flowers, to enrich their soil.


We have a washing machine on the back side of the house. It can always be used with enough dirty stuff inside. Please use the ‘Smartwash’ option and feel free to use the detergent next to the machine.


  • We are all responsible of tidying our own room and cleaning our own sheets.
  • Vamoss delivers the room clean and receives it the same way (if possible).
  • We check and clean any mess we make after using the bathroom, bathtub or the sink.
  • We keep cleaning utilities on the upper shelf above the mirror of the second floor bathroom.
  • We do not keep dishes in our rooms. We wash our personal dishes right away.
  • Sundays we make a general cleaning in the house and go for food shopping to Calca market.



  • With the sunrise we open the windows of the house to invite fresh warm air to enter.
  • After sunset, ee close all the windows and doors.
  • We open the bathroom window during or after using the bathroom.
  • We keep the fly nets closed at all times.


  • We are hoping to use the pure wood ashes in the chimney to make soap. For this reason we don’t use paper or other material to start the fire. We start fire with the help of small eucalyptus branches or Palo Santo.
  • We do not throw anything but wood into the fire (garbage, cigarette butts, paper, plastic, cigarette ashes…)
  • We make the fire when the funnel of the chimney is open, and close it when the fire is on. The funnel is open when the metal bar in the chimney is up.
  • We make sure all the windows and doors are closed before making a fire.
  • Wood is included in the common budget, feel free to grab when you feel it is needed.
  • We can throw cigarette and organic waste to the fire place outside.
  • Since we do not have a smoke alarm in our natural build house, we should be extra careful when lighting a fire, candle or cigarette.
  • Our fire extinguisher is next to the shoe shelf.
  • We make sure everything is safe, before leaving the fire. We make sure the fire is off, spread the coal around, and put some water on if there is dangerous wind, and clean around the fire area before leaving.


  • She was born on March 2014, so she still is a baby.
  • She will accompany us with joy on our hikes.
  • We do not give raw meat to her.
  • We give her food twice a day, around 7-8 in the morning and 3-4 in the afternoon.
  • Her food is on top of the refrigerator and is served to her plate on the front porch.
  • We do not give food to her in our own plates and pans.
  • We treat her like a human, talk to her, explain her. We don’t hurt her even to show affection. And we do not force her to do anything. We do not hit her for any reason.
  • The reason her name is Nefs, is to remind us that we deserve all the adjectives we use to define animals, more than them.
  • Nefs does not like violence, has never bitten anyone but sometimes like to snap.
  • We haven’t specifically trained her but she understands if we talk without anger: Hayir (no), Vamos (lets go), gel (come), kosh (run), espera (wait).


  • We do not use words that would make us annoyed when told to our own baby (crazy, sick, lunatic…). We can call her bandit.
  • Inti is a cat after all. She likes being loved when she wants, and the way she wants (slow and soft). Please try to not bother her.
  • Her food cup is on the left when you come to the second floor.
  • If her cup is empty, you can give her food from the bag on the bookshelf.
  • We do not see animals as our toys or our fun instruments.

We expect your support on daily life and work at home from those who stay longer than 1 week.

Our monthly expenses (soles):

Rent 800 Maintenance 150
Electricity 200 Wood 100
Internet 200 Kitchen/person 400
LPG 160 Cleaning Material 100
Water 20 Hot Drinks 70
Garden 50 Olive Oil 30


Bed in

Double Room

Dormitory Bed (Anywhere) Tent (Ours) Tent Food

(with help)


(without help)

Daily 75 42 33 25 28 17 33 67
Weekly (x6) 450 250 200 150 175 100 233 467
Monthly (x23) 1725 958 767 575 667 383 1000 2000


Those who live in Vamoss Home are expected to make the above contribution. Travelers (who have been travelling since at least 15 days or who will travel min. 1 month after visiting our home) have 30% discount.

Vamoss will do its best to help if you are considering leaving only because of money issues. If everything else is ok, we can talk about volunteering or other options to make it easier for you.

The important thing for us is that you embrace the spirit of Vamoss and support it.

If one feels an inequality with our exchange of anything in the house, it should be talked over and if one of the parties is not satisfied, the exchange should end, but not the relationship.

People who join to share the kitchen expenses with us, can use anything in the kitchen, except the ‘Privado’ ones (vegetables, fruits, milk products, spices, oils etc.), and will have their share from any meal cooked in the house.

If you are sharing the kitchen with us, your share of grocery shopping, cutting, cooking, and washing dishes is expected.

If you are not sharing the food with us, you can use the kitchen utilities (pans, pots, plates, silverware, LPG Gas, refrigerator, cleaning utilities) but not the groceries. Hot drinks are apart, and can be used by anyone in the house.


Vamoss Home


Vamoss Home, creates a comfortable and positive environment where our experience and intentions are respected and supported from the heart.

Anyone who lives in it and contributes, is a part of the house.

Here we believe in personal growth, awareness and relationships which grow themselves and also ourselves. We experience the change together and enjoy its beauty by sharing it.

It is our pleasure to create the necessary environment and support anyone who wants to share his/her experiences and knowledge, we always thank you for sharing.

Our house will be happy to welcome any work like yoga, breathing exercises, meditation and such, to spread our spiritual vibe.

The ones living in the house of Vamoss are expected to respect the following:

  • A positive good morning to everyone living in this house
  • Unconditional and non-judgmental acceptance of self & others (alive or not alive does not matter)
  • Respect to personal space, personal life, personal choices and diet
  • Equality and justice
  • Open and direct communication
  • Self-growth, healing and awareness
  • Being aware of social and existential responsibilities
  • Active and healthy life
  • Eco-friendliness and ecological solutions
  • Easy and ecstatic solutions
  • Accountability and honesty
  • Solving conflicts and joining weekly meetings
  • Substance abuse on any addiction (alcohol, drugs or even sex when it’s used badly)
  • Zero tolerance on violence, swearing or discrimination

The ones living in the house of Vamoss are expected to help on:

  • Grocery shopping, cutting, cooking, cleaning and helping in general with the kitchen work
  • Making payments on time and with respect
  • Contributing the house by working, helping and sharing.
  • Enjoying communal living, respecting personal spaces
  • Coming up with ideas and helping to make Vamoss better.
  • Looking for different approaches, solutions, presenting them, and taking initiative
  • Openness and curiosity towards changes and life.
  • Feeling that we are supporting a nice project
  • Enjoying being a part of and supporting the place we live in.

All the values and rules mentioned above, are there to maintain peace, harmony, and progress of our house. We believe following these rules, did bring and will bring beauty and benefaction to all of us and to the world.

If we can’t follow some of the rules sometimes, it’s ok (;

As long as we are fulfilled with love,