♦ Everything I lived in 35 years and what I learned in Peru brought me to take such a step.

♦ My house has always been a meeting point. I have organized many trips, organisations, etc. before coming to South America.  After learning how to manage my personal space and time, this work I am doing is not tiring but boosting for me.

♦ Most of you reading this presentation know me.  You know how I am at home, on the road, when working, when in school (: I feel as if I have always had a bringing together kind of personality and this brought me to this point in my life.  This energy that has flowed in different paths all my life is now finding rest with Vamoss.  My purpose is the same; bringing people together, collaboration, and travelling. Now, with the conscious intention of opening our hearts.

♦ I have always been sincere with Vamoss. I have been doing what I love. I experienced that only when we do this we can realize what a great gift life is. We are moving forward together to see the value of life and to give back to life. The return of this is an indescribable feeling.