♦ The first level of the land: will be used for the Common Areas

    • The Volunteers’ House and The Vamoss Home will be on this level

    • Also the main meeting point will be here

♦ The Second Level: Personal Houses, Working Spaces

    • We will use 1100m² of this level for the personal houses.

    • 5 220m² areas will be given to those who buy the Grounding Package

    • 60m² (max) houses will be built on these spaces

    • The focus room and a bath will be on this level.

    • The round area where the circle will be formed will be on this level.

♦ Third Level: Healing Area

    • This is the area where the water comes from the valley behind the land and run from two sides of the land. We feel that this area will be perfect for individuals to look deeper inside themselves and renew their relationships.

    • This level will have 3 triangular and 3 circular rooms.

We designed all the buildings listening to our hears and without any restrictions. We acted freely on this matter just like all the matters that the Vamoss path crosses.