♦ It has been 6 years since we realized that we wanted to “Share the beauty and healing of this place” The circle that started back then grew up to be The Vamoss Home and awakened our deep intentions. The house we rented in the 3000 meters altitude Sacred Valley became a meeting, producing and sharing point and thank God it did so much good for so many of us.

♦ Even though we didn’t do any publicity and only relied on the word of mouth, for the last 5 years, The Vamoss Home has always been full with amazing people. Not even a photo of the house was on the internet, yet it brought together hundreds of beautiful people and let us live special experiences. Building this house on its own land has been the subject matter throughout this time.

The vibration we are holding wants to unite with our knowledge and experience and get moving.

♦ We even put a down payment on the land we found for our house. A very detailed architectural design has been drawn, and the plans for the land have been formed. The timeline and the budget of an organic building has been calculated. All the photos we took in all these years have been sorted and organized, and new videos have been prepared. All this work has been done by the volunteers who are staying in Vamoss Home.