♦ Each guest is expected to join the work and the harmony in the house.

♦ Each guest is given a task for the duration of their stay even if it may be a small one.

♦ Those who stay for longer periods may be half or full time volunteering.

♦ After 1 month we have a meeting with the guest to talk about the nature of their stay..

♦ In cases where the give and take is balanced and where both sides are feeling good about the unión, the stay may be extended for another month.

♦ At the end of the second month, the guest must be ready to take bigger responsibilities in the house so they will be guided to take action in one of the readily available tasks or a project that they may initiate.

♦ A person who works systematically and in harmony with Vamoss to initiate a personal project under Vamoss will have the full responsibility of the project.

♦ Each sub project is tied to Vamoss and the project initiator is considered a partner.

♦ Thus each individual project is supported by Vamoss and Vamoss supports the projects.