♦ Our land is 1 hour away from Cusco which is situated out of the valley. It is 20 min. to Pisac and 25 min. by walk to a little village called San Salvador.

♦ When we look towards the river, we see the big mountain Pachatusan which is one of the most sacred mountains in the area. It looks very powerful regarding its silhouette and size. In this photo the land we found can be seen right under the rainbow

♦ Even though there is a small community at the mouth of almost every small valley that connect to The Sacred Valley, the land we found is at the mouth of one of those valleys that doesn’t host a village. As a result, we can easily use the roads to drive up to altitudes of 4000 meters. Also, the water that runs through this small valley passes from two sides of our land.

♦ There are no settlements around our land; just fields.  In a 1,5 km radius area there are less houses than the fingers of both hands.