You must know from experience that life is sweeter not when you are ‘by yourself’ but ‘together with people.’ We have learned and are still learning here the value of being together. So we get our power from “us”, we trusted “us” when taking this new step. Life is good when you share.

Vamoss Circle/Family/Tribe,

           • Aims to be independent and unattached.

           • Honors the being and path of each individual.

           • Keeps in mind that we are all here on this earth temporarily.

           • Believes that all the experiences we have are the product of everything that we may or may not be in relation with.

           • Feels that we all do in fact belong to ONE big circle.

           • Believes that each circle we feel a part of deserves our love, respect and attention.

           • Hopes to be a good example and inspiration to many future circles