• was established with an amateur spirit and has come to this day.

     • never functioned as a business. Never tried to sell any of the services or products.

     • of course we want to announce our being, function, approach and intention, but this is not done in a convincing or advertising manner – only as an announcement.

♦ Vamoss and anyone who is in Vamoss is responsable for having a balanced professional stand and living up to it.

Vamoss Home has used all its income so far as investment and this will continue to be the case.

♦ None of the projects under Vamoss had or will  have money as a priority.

♦ From the beginning we stood by the idea that Vamoss will only give information or when needed take advice to and from those only support the structure financially.

♦ Status reports will be prepared, the the fact remains that Vamoss belongs to the ones holding the space, living, producing, and staying in Vamoss.

♦ Whoever is there living the moment takes initiative and proceed with the work to be done.

♦ Even though Vamoss seems to be working as an association, every individual working for Vamoss gets paid in one way or another.

Other than the one stated here, Vamoss doesn’t have a claim, promise or a stand.