Sacred Valley of the Incas that contains Machu Picchu inside is 30 minutes away from Cusco. The name of the 150km long valley talks for itself. The valley contains the most fertile and strongest lands of the area.

♦ The mountains that surround the valley are about 4000 meters high and reach upto 6000 meters at some points. The peaks of these mountains are usually cloudy. The snow and rain on these mountains feed the valley with water.

The Vilcanota River that runs through the valley start from 3000 meters high and go down to 1900 meters when it reaches Machu Picchu. And from Machu Picchu it runs into the Amazonian Rain Forest and crosses the continent to reach the Atlantic Ocean.

♦ The small valleys that connect to The Sacred Valley contain small indigenous Quechua communities that make their living through agriculture and livestock.

♦ The valley throughout its history has been a sacred land and has been a center of civilization. The mountains surround the valley like tall walls and protect the land. This place is almost like hidden from the rest of the world and gives us a home where we can isolate ourselves or reevaluate everything with a new perspective.