When the Vamoss Home was first built in May 25th. 2013 in The Sacred Valley, there was nothing but a couple of utensils, a fruit juicer and a couple of sponge beds, and there were almost no Turks living in the valley. The first sleep we had in the house was with the question of “who will ever hear about us and come here to visit us?”.

But next day we recieved a message saying that a friend of a friend was in Cusco and wanted to meet us. Paşa came to visit that day and from that day on we always had visitors.

This place never became a business because we were just sharing our home.We were living all the events and shores of a house that didn’t belong to us, together.  So the house became a self functioning place over the years. At the end of the first year when we moved to our second house we worked with more specific intentions. The building of this new house was done together again with all the visitors over the time. At each corner of the Vamoss Home there is the love, sacrifice and hard work of another heart.

In this time frame we learned how to live together in our home, how to hold the space, how to involve the qualities and talents of our guests into the flow of the house and how to complete the routine tasks of the house. We even learned how to mamke bread, how to leaven yogurt, how to plant, how to make chocolate, etc…The file we sent to our guests before their coming made it easy for them to adapt to the Vamoss Home.

We saw that many of our guests were already ready for such a meeting, communal life, and sharing.