♦ We kept the Vamoss Home as a self sustaining and functioning place and we want to keep it this way.

♦ If we can improve and implement this work, we can move to a new place.

♦ The current house has its operating manuals.  We want to prepare ones for our new house.

♦ People who know how to hold their own personal space and also the space of the circle seem to be able to take responsability of a task that they enjoy doing. Learning how to hold these spaces seem to be necessary and important responsibilities that sometimes take time.

♦ I have left the Vamoss Home many times for months to take trips, or to go to Turkey- Everytime I returned I found the house in a better condition.

♦ This house really is a space that we all hold together, and I am also of course temporary here…

♦ Just like anything that we can think of and just like every one of us.