Let’s clarify what we mean when we say “US”:

♦ Those of us who are aware that we are all together and that each of us (sometimes individually and sometimes in circles) is on some kind of task at all times,

♦ Those of us who like to claim their own paths and support others on their paths,

♦ Those of us who can feel the beauty of being a giver,

♦ Those who look for respect and harmony instead of hustle and bustle and those who know the value of communicating instead of taking offence,

♦ Those who think that in order to change the world, first we must change ourselves,

♦ Those who discovered not only the value of knowledge, but also implementation,

♦ Those who know that healing starts on those who are willing and who are ready as son as they take the action,

♦ We say «Ones who get excited upon hearin the word ‘Us’ will know what we mean..» Those of us who have experienced ‘Us’…

Those of you who have visited The Vamoss Home have experienced this feeling, now we are excited to be sharing this with those who have not yet experienced it…

The beauty of The Vamoss Home is that it brings ‘Us’ together in peace