Once upon a time there was a high conscious and love centered tribe living by honoring all the great spirits of existence and accepting Earth as their mother. They went through such things that they caught a disease that would last for thousands of years called “Forgetfulness.” The more they forgot the farther they moved from Love. The farther they moved the rougher they got and the rougher they got the more selfish they became. And the waters of the Earth, the air and the soil got polluted by this disease.

…and after thousands of years people began to wake up and remember. They began longing for the sacred life they lived in the past. This fire of longing started burning in four corners of the world and wherever this fire burned people came together and formed circles hand in hand. And once again they put the intention to live by honoring each other and honoring the great spirits of existence.

Small groups of people centered in love began forming communities. The revolutionary actions of the awakening ones became visible to the minds, hearts and eyes of the forgetful people and burn this fire of longing inside them.

The community and living space that we want to be building will be fed by this fire veya will be burning with this.