Energy works like Yoga, Tai Chi, Chi Gong and meditation have always been popular activities for our guests.

♦ The ornaments, textile, wood works or even instruments that we build and produce can be sold

♦ We can have more number of trips for small groups. We do not function as guides for these groups, we organize the trip and join the group as a friend. We can grow and organize journeys not only in South America but around the globe.

♦ We can organize alternative trips and camps with a SUV and some good quality camping gear.

♦ We can buy a van and turn it into a caravan and rent it or organize trips with a caravan around the area or all around South America.

♦ We can film documentaries. After buying the basic technical equipment, we can film amazing music videos, take photos or build film sets. A documentary project named “The Ones Who Live In High Altitudes” that is planned to be filmed in Bolivia and Peru is ready with all its details.

♦ There is a lack of festivals in the area and in South America. An annual festival that we can organize has the potential to attract many travelers by the third year. We can start the festival on our land and then organize it in higher altitudes and host many internationally known musicians.

♦ We can produce, package and sell products like candles, soap, natural body creams and oils.

♦ We can organize educational traveling camps for students and young travelers. There is a demand for such organizations.

♦ We can build a house that has a professional recording studio inside and that will host musicians. We can show the musicians around and involve them in our work in Vamoss, and they can produce and record new music in the house.

♦ We can build the highest bar on Earth. A bar built at 4000 meters altitude that will be open one night each month, will be very popular in one year.

♦ Many people come here to learn Spanish and it is hard to find a good language school. We also think that we can have cooking, photography, yoga, etc. Classes. We can organize programs that include traveling, healing and learning.

♦ The possibilities of what we can do here are endless. There are many options for anyone who is willing to produce whole heartedly, take responsibility, and serve others. We can start those project that we always dreamed but never knew where to begin.